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Hello and welcome to NeutralRO!

You are searching for a relaxed space to play Ragnarok Online for free?
Then this is your place to be. We continue there, where Ragnarok ended, revive the whole gameplay
and take the game to a new generation.

Here quality matters more than quantity:
Every quest, every item and every action is redesigned intensively and with love.
With this incredible strong community, this unique features and this concept,
you will be swept  off your feet, even if you already played Ragnarok  for many hours.

Experience it by yourself and discover a different kind of Balance Super High Rate gameplay in a new way!


NeutralRO Admin

WoE - (4 Days/Week) 20:00
Baby WoE - (3 Days/Week) 20:00
KoE - (Everyday)18:00

BumbleBee Bag
PRICE: 300 nRO Coins

Furry Gold Coat
PRICE: 300 nRO Coins

Arcangel Balloon
PRICE: 300 nRO Coins

Bubble Aura
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

Falling Blossom
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

Gears Wing
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

Sizuka Wing
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins

GM Cart
PRICE: 250 nRO Coins